Welcome, this is the support site to the dedicated map albionwitness. The map documents a history of traditional sites used byTravellers in Britain to offer a context within which the present crisis of accommodation can be understood and a bridge by which it can be overcome.  The map is a creative commons and is publicly viewable, it is a collaborative exercise on a common platform in which you are invited to participate

Click the ballon markers and a slideshow presentation relating to the place marked will play.The pin markers link lists, documents or photographs Please note that the slideshow /video format requires a 3G, broadband or wifi signal to operate and that earphones may be necessary to hear the sound track clearly. The resource page links you to relevant tutorials in making slide shows and freely available software. The site loss maps and accompanying text indicate the scale of the challenge. The survey questionnaire will be helpful to assess and access the resources required to meet it.

mailto:info@albionwayfarer.com if you wish to participate
Traditional site loss if you wish to see further photographic evidence